Chloe, a sissy cd slut

sissyslutsandthrobbingcocks asked: Hi! I love ur page!!! I just got on tumblr, any advice on how to make my page as awesome as yours?

Thanks so much! 😊 looks like you are doing a fine job on your page already! ❤️



"You know what it means if you shoot off a load while I’m deep-dicking your straight-boi ass, don’t you, boi?"


"Yeah, that’s right… means you’re not all that straight, boi! Also means I don’t have to let you outta here… at least not until I invite some buddies over to use your dick-loving slave faggot ass…"


Feel free to contact me if you can make this my existence!

Hot ❤️

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kittysaddiction asked: Hello - this isn't a bot, it's Brendakitty! I saw you ‘liked’ a picture of a deviant oral nature. My original blog, Sisterhood of the Full Mouth, that was killed without warning by tumblr was full of that kind of stuff. I’m starting anew so come check out my re-boot!

Thanks ;)

Anonymous asked: You have such a cute ass, baby girl <3 Wouldn't you like a nice big dick in it?

Thank you :)